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The Blessing of Redemption

Understanding redemption allows us to operate at our highest potential and experience God’s best. Studying the Scriptures teaches us how redemption frees us to walk in blessings and not under curses. Christ went to the cross to free us from harm, but many believers still struggle joylessly, as if He had never won victory and freedom for them. Our God wants to surprise those who believe with His overwhelming blessings and love.

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The Blessing of Redemption – 2 Message Series

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The Courage to Give Combo

Religion can confuse Christians in the area of financial giving. Some people have even resolved not to give because they think God has nothing to do with giving. God is the ultimate giver; He gave us His only Son. Giving with the intention of blessing others falls in line with the example He set. Giving with the right motives is an act of faith, and it opens doors in our lives. Fear has the opposite effect, and blocks anything good from happening. When we trust God in all areas of our lives, including our finances, we are able to experience His prosperity.

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Fight the Fear of Giving 2 Message Series

Fight the Fear of Giving: Volume 2 3 Message Series

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A Grace Gift

Speaking in tongues is a grace gift from God that is only beneficial during our earthly lives.  Those who do not believe in tongues and do not operate in it are missing out on this temporary opportunity. This gift brings great power: when we pray in the Holy Spirit, things change. It is entirely possible to be a believer without the ability to speak in tongues, but receiving this gift changes our lives powerfully.

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A Grace Gift 3 message series

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Holy Spirit: The Solution to Unbelief

The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity. He is alive, and He has an assignment to work in our physical world. The Spirit did not come to convict us of the things we do wrong or the mistakes we make; He came to convict us of unbelief in Jesus. He wants to impact every facet of our lives, but we must understand His work and His purpose on the earth. He connects us to the grace of God.

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Holy Spirit: The Solution to Unbelief 5 Message Series

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Grace-Based Giving Collection

Mammon is an evil spirit that opposes everything God says, and it tempts us to trust money instead of God. Money is neither righteous nor unrighteous and can never do the things that God can do. Jesus taught some powerful lessons about money, and He always discussed it in relation to trust. Mammon’s goal is to exert demonic influence in the area of our finances while disguising itself as a spiritual voice. We must recognize whether we are being influenced by God or by mammon.

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Grace-Based Giving Collection 20-Disc Series

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