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Unmasking the Spirit of Mammon Combo

When we talk about mammon, we must examine its influence in the spiritual realm. Although we cannot see this realm with our physical eyes, it is as real as the natural world in which we live. The spirit of mammon attaches itself to money, and if we are not careful, we can fall under its subtle influence. Its goal is to exert demonic influence in the area of our finances. It tries to trick us into trusting money more than God by slightly twisting the truth of his word just enough to confuse us. We are susceptible to this type of trickery if we do not know the word of God well enough to see through mammon’s lies.

Combo Includes:

Unmasking the Spirit of Mammon 6 message series

  • The Money-Trust Connection: God vs. Mammon
  • Uncovering the Spirit of Mammon
  • Uncovering the Spirit of Mammon (Part 2)
  • The Spirits of Mammon
  • The Spirit of Mammon Revealed
  • Unmasking the Spirit of Mammon

Unmasking the Spirit of Mammon book


The Path to Humility

A humble attitude is pleasing to God. Humility is a godly character trait, but it can be a challenge for believers living in a world that exalts pride and arrogance. God very much wants to bless us; He can do so when we avoid being proud and arrogant and shun an inflated opinion of ourselves. A humble mindset acknowledges our dependence on God, never on ourselves. It embraces a servant mentality of putting others first. True leaders are always willing to begin at the bottom, regardless of external pressures to put themselves at the top. Letting the examples of humility that David, Paul, and Jesus, Himself, set allows God to elevate and exalt us.

Messages Included:

  • Defining Humility
  • How Grace Teaches Humility
  • How Grace Teaches Humility Part 2
  • The Motivation Behind Humility


Discovering the Essence of Worship

Genuinely worshipping God goes far beyond the act of simply coming to church. When we “worship” God through repetition and religious tradition but our hearts are not in it, we are wasting our time. The essence of real worship is our daily heartfelt expression of loyalty, commitment, and allegiance to God. Real worshippers live to please Him, not themselves. They lead lifestyles inspired by a belief that God is more worthy and valuable than anyone or anything else, and a desire to be more like Him. Unlike the Old-Testament pattern of worship which only involved actions and performance, the New-Testament pattern of worship involves our spirits. Understanding this takes us from simply reporting to a building on Sunday to walking with God and being in His presence every day.

Messages Included:

  • Discovering the Essence of Worship
  • What Is True Worship
  • The Sacrifice of Worship


Victory Over Fear

In these end times, fear is prevalent everywhere we look. The world offers plenty of opportunities to fear.  As believers, it is imperative that we respond correctly to the emotion of fear. Fear actually comes from external sources, and is something the devil sends against us. As believers, we walk and live by faith. This means that while others are fearful, we are faithful, and while others are in bondage, we are at liberty. We can stay at peace while going about our daily routines, because we trust God to keep us safe. When fear spreads like an epidemic, God’s Word is always antidote against it.

Messages Included:

  • Eliminating the Bondage of Fear
  • The Fearless Life
  • How to Cast Out Fear
  • The Authority of the Believer
  • How To Use Your Spiritual Authority



Jesus: The Peacemaker

When people reject Jesus Christ, it is because they do not fully understand Him. When Jesus was born, He was heaven’s peace offering. A real understanding of righteousness under the covenant of grace only comes by reading the Word through the lens of the finished works of Jesus Christ. God is now no longer angry with us, because Jesus took all of His wrath when He went to the cross on our behalf. Accepting the gift of righteousness from Jesus gives us new identities based on who He says we are in Him, and empowers us to rule in life and live in victory over adversity. Jesus has paid the price for the sins of the whole world; to be at peace with God, all we need to do is receive that payment by faith.

Messages Included:

  • Jesus The Peacemaker
  • The Importance of Understanding Righteousness
  • The Gift of Righteousness
  • What to Do When Righteousness Is Under Attack


Why is this Happening? The Reasons for Trials and Suffering

There is no such thing as a perfect life. Living godly lives guarantees persecution; however, for Christians who fully rely on God, it also guarantees deliverance from it. Trouble is never God’s will but trusting Him in the midst of it allows Him to bring us through it and mature us. Adversity is a tool God uses to refine our faith and prepare us for the assignment in life He has for us. Peter, Paul, and Abraham all had their faith put on trial; the result was that they learned to depend on God, not on their own works. When we as the church let God take us where we need to go, He will powerfully anoint us for the task ahead.

Messages Included:

  • Understanding the Trials of Faith
  • Understanding the Trials of Faith Part 2
  • Understanding the Trials of Faith Part 3
  • The Purpose of Suffering
  • The Purpose of Suffering Part 2


Defining Self-Righteousness

As Christians, we must know the difference between self-righteousness and being righteous in God’s eyes. True righteousness comes only by faith in Christ and in His finished works; it has nothing to do with our works. This is important, because Satan’s plan is to attack the believer’s identity as the righteousness of God. Self-righteousness is defined as striving and working hard to get right with God, which is what religion tells us to do. If we struggle with unrighteous behavior, it is because we are struggling with who we are in Christ; as soon as we settle the issue of our identity, our behavior will begin lining up with our belief. We do not have to strive to perform perfectly, but simply believe in Him.

Messages Included:

  • How to Recognize Self-Righteousness
  • Defining Self-Righteousness


The Spirit Led Life

Situations in our daily lives can constantly challenge our faith and our belief in God and His Word. The purpose of the Holy Spirit is to guide us in every area of our life. Now is the time to learn to live according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. In this series Creflo Dollar teaches us how to trust God completely in all things that concern us.

Messages Included:

  • Positioning Yourself to be Led by God Part 1
  • Positioning Yourself to be Led by God Part 2
  • How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit Part 4
  • The Sin of Unbelief Part 1
  • The Sin of Unbelief Part 2


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