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How to Avoid Identity Theft

A relationship with Jesus Christ is the one thing we need more than anything else. The Holy Spirit works in us to show us the beauty of God’s glory to draw us toward Him and away from worldly things. However, the devil has always been a thief. As believers, we must be on the alert for his attacks; one of the first things he tries to steal that God gave us is who we are in Christ. In Creflo Dollar’s ground-breaking, two-part series, How to Avoid Identity Theft, learn how to be confident in your true identity so that it can’t be stolen from you. Regardless of what the enemy says to us, we have been united with Jesus Christ, so become equipped now!

Two message series including:

  • Christ: The Preeminent One
  • How to Avoid Identity Theft

The Truth About God’s Ways

There is a huge difference in the way God operates and the way mankind operates. Unlike us, He thinks and works on a much higher level than we are capable of. Unlike religion, which tells us we must earn God’s blessings, God blesses us not because of what we do, but because of who He is. The world uses punishment and threats to correct our behavior; by contrast, God uses mercy and forgiveness. The absence of condemnation gives us the power to overcome what once overcame us. Creflo Dollar’s four-part series, The Truth About God’s Ways, urges us not to settle for what we see around us, but instead focus on Jesus and on heaven, because the best is yet to come.

Four message series including:

  • The Truth About God’s Ways
  • God’s Ways vs. Man’s Ways
  • God’s Ways vs. Man’s Ways (Part 2)
  • The Attractiveness of God’s Grace


The Triumphal Entry

Faith in Christ and in His freewill sacrifice of Himself is enough to provide forgiveness in God’s eyes for all our sins—even the ones we have not committed yet. Because Jesus is alive, we can have new identities not based on what we do but based on what God says we are—righteous, redeemed, and holy. Creflo Dollar breaks down the reason why the next time we run into trouble, we can be thankful and joyful knowing that God loves us and cares enough about us to discipline us for our own good; discover this good news in the four-part series The Triumphal Entry.

Four message series including:

  • The Triumphal Entry
  • Resurrection Benefits
  • The Chastening of the Lord
  • The Chastening of the Lord Part 2

How to Have Hope When It’s Hard

We’ve all encountered rough spots in our lives when trouble showed up and we wanted to run and hide from it. Life isn’t always easy; it is to be expected that we will struggle with adversity from time to time. Taffi Dollar’s three-part series, How to Have Hope When It’s Hard, breaks down the steps to overcoming adversity. No matter what the situation looks like, we have already won because of what Jesus accomplished.

Three message series including:

  • How to Have Hope When It’s Hard
  • Why We Run: The Importance of Not Running from Battles
  • Life’s Battles Are Real but So Is Your Victory

The Infinite Debt of Love

Jesus went to the cross to cancel not just our financial obligations, but also the debt that we owed for our sins. In His eyes, the debt that we now owe is one of respect, honor, and love to others. Contrary to the world’s system based on money, God uses love as His currency. Love transforms us and moves us from a place of sin and fear to a place of peace, joy, and hope; this is where the power of God is found. As Christians, we must understand the power of love as demonstrated by Jesus Christ. In this enlightening three-part series, The Infinite Debt of Love, Creflo Dollar uncovers how the debt of love that we owe to others is one we can never completely repay—but how it is the only way we can show the world God’s nature.

Three message series including:

  • The Debt That Delivers From All Debt
  • Is Your Currency of Love on Empty?
  • Are You Equipped to Pay the Debt of Love?

2023 Grace Life Conference

Grace Life Conference 2023 featured three power-packed days focused on celebrating the life of grace! The theme was Homecoming, and all the fun and excitement of a homecoming celebration were brought to the World Dome, topping off a weekend filled with mind-blowing revelation. Creflo and Taffi Dollar were joined by special guests for sessions dedicated to meeting the needs of attendees right where they were.  Relive all 9 messages with this exclusive series today!

9 message series including:

  • Session 1 – Creflo Dollar
  • Session 2 – Gregory Dickow
  • Session 3 – Michael Smith
  • Session 4 – Clarence McClendon
  • Session 5 – Taffi Dollar & Mimi Haddad
  • Session 6 – Creflo Dollar
  • Session 7 – Inky Johnson
  • Ministers & Leader Session 1 – Creflo Dollar
  • Ministers & Leaders Session 2 – Creflo Dollar

Overcoming Approval Addiction

It is a huge mistake to determine our value and sense of self-worth by what other people think of us. The craving for others’ validation and the fear of rejection can destroy our mental health, cause us to focus on the wrong things, and actually derail God’s call on our lives. By contrast, living for an audience of one—God—pleases Him, gives us eternal peace, and allows us to carry out His plan for us. Craving others’ acceptance and forgetting that God has already accepted us is tragic; realizing that He approves of us helps us break this addiction. Creflo Dollar’s two-part series, Overcoming Approval Addiction, reminds us that we will not need the world’s validation when we know that we are already God’s beloved, and the apple of His eye.

Two message series including:

  • Overcoming Approval Addiction
  • How to Attack Approval Addiction


Making Room

As believers who have made Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, we must get our priorities straight. He is our sustaining source who carries us through the storms of life; we cannot allow what He has done, or what He still wants to do in our lives, to be pushed back to a low priority. This goes much deeper than worldly religion; God wants to enter into a personal relationship with us. This does not just happen by accident; we receive Him by deliberately expanding our hearts and giving Him access. The choice is ours as to whether we let ourselves get caught and dragged down by the clutter and weeds of life or allow God to work His will concerning us.

Four message series including:

  • Making Room for the Unexpected
  • Making Room by Letting Go
  • Making Room for What Matters
  • Making Room by Ending Blame

Trusting God in the End Times

We live in an environment that constantly challenges our faith, so it is entirely possible for unbelief and faith to coexist side-by-side in our minds. However, depending on God cannot simply be lip service anymore; our trust must be genuine. Never has our faith in Him been so important as in this time when so many people have chosen idols— including money—for themselves. In these last days, Satan is battling for our hearts and our faith. In the three-part series, Trusting God in the End Times, Creflo Dollar breaks down how we can depend on God, who will take care of us and never leave us.

Three message series including:

  • How to Deal with Unbelief
  • Trusting God in the End Times
  • Satan’s Plot to Steal Your Trust

The Discipline of Grace

There is considerable misunderstanding about what it means when God chastens us. He does this as a loving Father to correct and guide us, not to punish us. It’s painful while we’re going through it, but it is not punishment; chastening is a sign that we are God’s son or daughter. Punishment, which involves fear, does not figure into the covenant of grace, because it’s not God’s nature to punish. Creflo Dollar’s two message series, The Discipline of Grace, reveals that we are guaranteed to encounter adversity and painful circumstances in life; however, God uses those things, not because He is angry with us, but to grow and mature us.

Two message series including:

  • The Chastening of the Lord
  • The Chastening of the Lord (Part 2)


Igniting Your Inner Fire

God has put individual grace gifts inside each of us. For them to be effective, they are to be used regularly and not remain dormant or flicker out. No matter what our gift is, we cannot let others put our fire out by talking us out of using it or convincing us that it is not important. Discover how to walk in your gifts in this vibrant series of five messages from Taffi Dollar and Radical Women’s Conference speakers; Igniting Your Inner Fire will light the path to developing and maturing your fire!

Five message series including:

  • Focus on the Promise Not the Process – Dr. Dee Dee Freeman
  • What Do You Think You’re Worth – Laura Pickett
  • Women’s Strong Rescue: Then and Now – Dr. Mimi Haddad
  • Getting Your Spark Back – Octavia Roberts
  • Igniting Your Inner Fire – Taffi Dollar

Safeguards from Deception

As believers, we are battling demonic spiritual forces that have been specifically assigned to us. The strategies the devil uses against us include deception, distraction, and suggestions that contradict God. Wrong-thinking allows the enemy access into our lives; right-thinking reinforces our minds against his lies and suggestions. Although Jesus has already defeated the enemy through His finished works, Satan continues to focus his attacks on our minds in an attempt to convince us that those works have not been finished. In this enlightening four-message series, Safeguards from Deception, Creflo Dollar unveils how we can fight back simply by changing our way of thinking!

Four message series including:

  • How to Defeat the Devil in Your Mind
  • The Connection Between Grace and Resisting the Devil
  • The Battle of the Mind
  • How to Win the Battle of the Mind

Keys to Godly Living

Being motivated by anything other than Jesus will frustrate and burden us, which is why we need to receive from Him before we can work for Him. Love must be the motive for everything we do in response to God’s grace. Choosing to comply with God because of our faith in His love influences the entire direction of our lives. Placing our faith in Him does not take away the problems we encounter in life, but does allow Him to deliver us and give us victory over them. No matter what happens in life, we can trust God to watch over us and take care of us. Depending on Him to work through us allows Him to use us as His vessels to do great things, with marvelous results.

Messages included:

  • Godly Living Obtained by the Power of God
  • Godly Living Obtained by the Power of God Part 2
  • How to Be Motivated by God
  • The Conditions for Acceptable Good Works
  • The Conditions for Acceptable Good Works Part 2

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