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The Mercy of God Combo

Jesus’ goal during His earthly ministry was to demonstrate grace to people, not condemn them. Condemnation is not from God, but from Satan. It is far-reaching and deadly; the enemy uses it against us because he has been judged guilty. He is now trying to pass his condemnation on to us. Freedom and true change the way God intends only comes by accepting and preaching the ministry of reconciliation, to remind ourselves and others of who we are and what we have in Christ.

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New Discoveries in the Spirit 7 Message Series

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New Discoveries in the Spirit

There is a connection between the Holy Spirit and the grace of God. We must understand the Spirit’s work and His purpose on the earth: to impact every facet of our lives! The Spirit did not come to convict us of the things we do wrong or the mistakes we make; He came to convict us of unbelief in Jesus. The church is not a collection of perfect people, but rather a place where we admit we need Jesus. We need Him to be successful in carrying out God’s mission for our lives.

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New Discoveries in the Spirit 7 Message Series

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