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Equality in Christ

Biblical equality is defined as everyone standing on equal ground, and it is achieved only through God’s influence. When God created Adam and Eve, He gave them the same amount of power and authority, with neither one dominating the other. Today, we all have an equal responsibility to obey God and operate in our highest potential. Equality is needed not just in society in general, but specifically in all of our relationships. God has made the best of everything available to us, and this level of awareness will keep us from living beneath it.

*This series includes an exclusive studio interview in which Creflo and Taffi Dollar share their views on marriage and relationships.

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Equality in Christ 2 Message Series

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Gender Roles

In this series that accompanies Taffi Dollar’s book, Gender Roles, you will learn how misguided notions about gender roles have affected Christian households around the world. The finished works of Jesus have broken down the barriers between women and men, and made us all one in Christ.

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Gender Roles 3 Message Series

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Destruction of Family Combo

Leanza Cornett separated from her husband in 2011 after finding out that he was cheating on her. Just a year later, he served her with divorce papers. Ever since then, they have been struggling to find a fair and healthy balance for raising their two sons. Recently, her youngest son, Avery, has stopped communicating with Leanza. He wouldn’t even see her when she flew out to visit him. Her ex-husband refuses to tell her what’s happening, and she is terrified that there is more to the story. She and her ex have worked hard to keep their divorce and their parenting out of the court, but she feels that she is at the breaking point and may have to take legal action so that she can speak with her son.

Combo Includes

Grace to Overcome Every Challenge Mini Book
Reality of Christ In You 4 Message Series
Destruction of Family Single Message

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New Depths in the Holy Spirit

Why do some people still live under the old covenant curse? The curse is not just sickness and disease on our physical bodies, but also emotional and spiritual attacks on our spirits and souls.  Jesus came, and since He established the new covenant of grace, the law is no longer valid. If we believe this, our faith moves us out from under the law and we are in a position to receive God’s favor. If we are not seeing results in our lives, it may be because we are living under the wrong agreement.

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New Depths in the Holy Spirit 4 Message Series

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