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Prayer Into Communion

Prayer is extremely important in the life of a Christian. Not only is it how we communicate with God, but it also provides an opportunity to commune with Him. When we pray correctly, we communicate with God and give heaven consent concerning what is already done. Similar to obtaining a permit when building a structure in the natural realm, prayer is our heavenly permit that builds us up and strengthens us in the spiritual realm. Prayer is not forced into a particular time slot or made into a dramatic display, but communing with God and fellowshipping with Him in the midst of our daily lives. Effective prayer brings breakthrough and gives us the same power that Jesus Christ has.

Prayer Into Communion 10 Message Series

The Reality of Heaven and Hell

The world we live in does not believe in things that are not actively preached in church, including the existence of hell. However, hell is a very real place, as is heaven. For the born-again believer, heaven is our permanent home where we will spend eternity living with Jesus after we leave the earth. God is waiting for His beloved children to arrive home; as believers, this is cause for great rejoicing. Hell was created for Satan and his angels, not for mankind; it was never God’s will for anyone to go there. Contemplating on this should give us an idea just how much God loves and values us.

The Reality of Heaven and Hell 7 Message Series

Are You Ready For the Return of Jesus?

From an eternal perspective, the final destination for born-again believers is overwhelmingly positive. Unlike unbelievers who will be judged as evil after death, those who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior have already been judged as righteous. Christ will be back; we are now seeing the signs and physical manifestations indicating this happening all around us. God is delaying His return so as to save as many souls as He can, but He will not wait indefinitely; it is up to us to prepare for His coming. Genuinely believing that He will be returning shortly enables us to live godly lives so that we will be prepared to see Him when He arrives.

Are You Ready For the Return of Jesus? 2 Message Series


10 Reasons Why Jesus Was Born

Christmas is a major global event, but most people are unaware of the real reasons why Jesus was born. Millions of people who observe Christmas do not even believe in Him; however, the significance of His birth goes much deeper than the secular holiday traditions the world has created. When the world was buried in sin and people wondered if God even cared about them, God emphatically answered by sending His Son. Jesus was born for a number of reasons, all of which were based in God’s love for us. In addition to paying the price to save us from our sins, Jesus was born to make us children of God and bring the truth of His favor toward us. He also came to take away condemnation, bring His Holy Spirit to guide us on a daily basis, and offer eternal life in heaven. A single event—the birth of Jesus—changed the entire course of human history; this is something for which we can wholeheartedly celebrate.

10 Reasons Why Jesus Was Born single message

Changed By Grace

In order to get the big picture of what God has done, we must learn how to put the entire Bible in context. What we believe will govern our conscience. When our eyes are opened to Jesus and His grace, we will no longer be bound by performance-based religion.

Changed By Grace 7 Message Series

Law-Based Prayer vs. Grace-Based Prayer

Under the law, people had to pray to get God to do something for them. Under grace, our prayers reflect our thanks and praise for what Jesus did for us on the cross. Religious, law-based prayer accomplishes nothing; we see results only through prayers uttered in faith, according to what Jesus accomplished for us two thousand years ago. Every failure in life is a prayer failure, and every success we experience is because we remain in a constant two-way dialogue with Christ. Grace has bestowed us with the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues which gives us supernatural wisdom. Unlock the mysteries of praying in the Spirit with this series and experience amazing results in your life.

Law-Based Prayer vs. Grace-Based Prayer 3 Message Series

The Spirit of Grace

The church is not a collection of perfect people, but rather a place where we admit we need Jesus. When we want to change for the better but cannot do so by ourselves, the Spirit of grace will change us from the inside out. Without the Holy Spirit’s assistance, we will see no real or lasting change. We need Him to be successful in carrying out God’s mission for our lives.

The Spirit of Grace 5 Message Series

The Cross: The Defining Line of the Gospel

What was true before Jesus came is not necessarily true now; the cross changed everything. Because of what Jesus did, we can now receive our inheritance of righteousness, redemption, wisdom, and holiness. We no longer need to fear the curses, wrath, and punishment that were commonplace in the Old Testament. Knowing how to rightly divide the difference between the old and the new keeps us from being confused by false religious doctrines. If we have been born again and made children of God, we must no longer live by the law or the prophets. Therefore, although the law is useful and we can learn from it, we are not to live under the law, but under grace.

The Cross: The Defining Line of the Gospel 4 Message Series


The Supernatural Power of Thanksgiving

There is much to be said for a grateful heart. When bad things happen, thanking God may be the last thing on our minds; however, learning how to thank and praise Him unleashes tremendous power in the spiritual realm. God is waiting for us to be thankful so that He can perfect His plan and His purpose for our lives. Our thankfulness gets heaven’s attention. Praising and glorifying Him during our darkest times causes supernatural things to happen we cannot take the credit for.

The Supernatural Power of Thanksgiving single message

Living the Grateful Life

When we give God our thanks and praise the way the Bible tells us to, we release supernatural authority over whatever situation we are facing. Biblical thanksgiving is not a worldly holiday tradition or a religious activity; it is an everyday spiritual tool we use to live grateful lives. The thankful Christian unleashes powerful forces from heaven that cause things to work the way they should. When the circumstances look grim, deliberately thanking God turns everything around.

Living the Grateful Life Single Message

The Creative Power of Words

Praying in the Holy Spirit strengthens our relationship with God, gives us supernatural wisdom and peace, and provides answers we could never find on our own. God knows exactly what we need, but sometimes we don’t know the right words to express ourselves. At times like these the Spirit will intercede on our behalf. Praying in the Spirit makes God’s infinite wisdom available to us so that He can lead us down the correct path. Most Christians are defeated because they believe and confess the wrong things. Our words are containers carrying either faith or fear, and the results we experience are activated by what we say. Once we understand this spiritual law and are willing to put it into practice, there is no stopping us.

The Creative Power of Words 3 Message Series

How to Hear from God

Christians have a blood-bought right to hear from God. Getting directions from Him enables us to make wise decisions and avoid traps that others fall into. Hearing Him clearly and distinctly can literally save our lives. Sometimes we may be so focused on our own problems that we can’t hear what He’s saying. There is never a problem with God speaking; the issue is always with something we may be doing to block His voice. Believers must learn to fine tune our spiritual listening skills so we can clearly hear what He says to us. One Word from God can change our entire lives; this is only possible through a personal relationship with Him.

How to Hear from God 3 Message Series

It’s a New Day

God wants to establish a new beginning in our lives. For Him to be able to do this, we must let go of old, unneeded things so that He can begin some new things. People have seen such tragedy and devastation around them that they may have lost hope in the church, and even in God. However, not only does God love us and want us to be saved, but He also wants to be in relationship with us. Everything that has a beginning also has an ending—including any adversity we may be experiencing. Changing our mindset and refusing to tolerate or prolong problems can cause breakthrough for us. When we embrace the new attitude God wants us to have, we position ourselves to receive His best.

It’s a New Day 2 Message Series

The Secret to Stable Emotions

Most people think that emotions cannot be controlled, but we have been given authority over our emotions. God gave us emotions as a gift, but we should not allow them to govern us or control our lives. We must examine our feelings honestly and not cover them up by pretending that they do not exist. When we understand God’s Word in this area, we can handle our feelings and maintain emotional stability, which will lead to great victory in our lives.

The Secret to Stable Emotions 7 message series

Grace Based Relationships (Volume 3): The Equality of Marriage

God is the one who created the institution of marriage; therefore, it will not succeed without Him as the third party in the relationship. His idea of marriage is not based on male domination, but on equality between the husband and the wife, as well as the same kind of love and nourishment that God has for Jesus and Jesus has for the church. It is God’s will to bless marriages; mutual submission to the Word by both the husband and the wife allows Him to carry out those blessings. Learning and practicing true biblical submission will cause our marriages to thrive and flourish.

Grace Based Relationships (Volume 3): The Equality of Marriage 4 Message Series


Grace Based Holiness Combo

Grace Based Holiness

Believers in the church should not only set the example for the world to follow, but should also be clearly and distinctly different than everyone else. To be holy is not to be separated from sinful people or to be morally perfect, but to be whole and complete, like Jesus. When we realize this, we will spare ourselves endless toil and self-effort trying to become something we already are. Belief in our true identities begins a transformation that makes us into the image of God. Reflecting Jesus is how we demonstrate what it is to be the light in a spiritually dark world.

Grace Based Holiness Study Notes

Believers in the church should not only set the example for the world to follow, but should also be clearly and distinctly different than everyone else. To be holy is not to be separated from sinful people or to be morally perfect, but to be whole and complete, like Jesus. Grace-Based Holiness Study Notes contains in-depth study notes for the three messages in Creflo Dollar’s Grace-Based Holiness series. Use it to reveal your true identity and how to be who God said you are in this world today.

Grace Based Holiness 3 message series

Grace Based Holiness Study Notes

Grace Based Relationships (Volume 2): Understanding Biblical Headship

The world has twisted what God gave as a gift, marriage, to the point where the traditional mindset is that the man should dominate and rule over the woman. This was never God’s intention, and it actually puts pressure on a man to do what he was never intended to do. Successful marriages are built on a successful relationship with God and His Word, first. Spouses who know the precepts of new-covenant grace-based marriages know that the husband is the head of the wife in the same loving, nourishing way that God is the head of Christ and Christ is the head of the church; no mention is made of male dominance. Biblical equality between men and women was God’s original plan all along.

Grace Based Relationships (Volume 2): Understanding Biblical Headship 3 Message Series

The Power of Flexibility

We all want the best life has to offer, and God wants this for us as well. However, experiencing His perfect will for our lives may require some changes on our part. If we want to stay the same, we will never know what He had planned for us; choosing instead to change at His prompting begins an ongoing process that causes us to evolve into what He envisions us to be. A decision to follow God’s prompting requires that we change our mindset to line up with His Word; submitting ourselves to Him is not a loss but is actually great gain. God’s will for us is always overwhelmingly good and perfect, but for us to move into His will we must be flexible.

The Power of Flexibility 2 message series

Works of the Law vs. Faith

In the Old Testament, the Law of Moses focused on works, and demanded that the people do something to get God to bless them. The mindset that says we must do something for God, first, to get Him to do something for us puts us in bondage. This is wrong-thinking, because it brings shame and condemnation when we fail to do what we think is necessary to be blessed. Performance-based religion is sin. By contrast, when we are of faith, we believe that Jesus has finished everything necessary for us to be blessed. With this series (which features the messages Are You of the Works of the Law, or Are You of Faith? Parts 1 through 4), you can grow in your understanding of works of faith so you can have great results in your life.

Works of the Law vs. Faith 4 message series

The Power of Praise and Confessions Combo

The Power of Praise and Confessions

The amount of time we spend praising God is the greatest single indicator of where we are in our relationship with Him. Everything starts from this relationship. Praising God in all circumstances strengthens and builds our faith. There is power in our words. God spoke the universe into existence by His Word. As believers we have been given that same power and authority to create change in the world by confessing God’s world.

Daily Faith Confessions

Confession brings possession, whether positive or negative. Your mouth is the link between having the things God has promised you or living without them. If you desire to experience God’s provision in every area of your life, begin today.

The Power of Praise and Confessions 3 message series
Daily Faith Confessions CD


The Ministry of Reconciliation Combo

The Ministry of Reconciliation

Because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross, the broken relationship between God and mankind that resulted from Adam and Eve’s sin has been restored. Everything about the restoration of this friendship revolves around Christ, because reconciliation would not have been possible without Him. Reconciliation begins with acknowledging equality among all people, no matter who they are. Achieving equity among all people takes work, and begins with the church. If we are to put all races and ethnic groups on equal footing, the church, as the body of Christ, needs to set the example and lead the way.

From Condemnation to Grace

The new covenant of grace is completely different from the old covenant of the law. Now that we are living under grace, we need to know what life is like under this covenant. The law was designed to reinforce people’s guilt and constantly remind them of their shortcomings; but when Jesus came, He came to redeem and deliver, not to shame or punish. Condemnation is not from God, but from Satan; it is far reaching and deadly. In this series, you will experience true change, the way God intends, as you are reminded of who you are and the blessing you have in Christ.

The Ministry of Reconciliation 3 message series

From Condemnation to Grace 3 message series

Jesus: The Peacemaker

When people reject Jesus Christ, it is because they do not fully understand Him. When Jesus was born, He was heaven’s peace offering. A real understanding of righteousness under the covenant of grace only comes by reading the Word through the lens of the finished works of Jesus Christ. God is now no longer angry with us, because Jesus took all of His wrath when He went to the cross on our behalf. Accepting the gift of righteousness from Jesus gives us new identities based on who He says we are in Him, and empowers us to rule in life and live in victory over adversity. Jesus has paid the price for the sins of the whole world; to be at peace with God, all we need to do is receive that payment by faith.

Jesus: The Peacemaker 4 Message Series

Grace Based Relationships: Volume 1

For successful relationships with family, friends, and loved ones, we must understand the difference between a relationship based on the Law of Moses and one based on the grace of Jesus Christ. The key relationships that matter most are the vertical connections between us and God, and the horizontal connections between us and other people; making Jesus the foundation of every relationship enables us to be friends with God and with each other. Letting God teach us the lessons we must learn through spiritually mature relationships with them makes us powerful witnesses of His love.

Grace Based Relationships: Volume 1 4 message series

Freedom from the Law

Being free from Mosaic Law does not mean that we are free from morals, but that we are under the Spirit’s guidance and instruction to administer morality and to change us from the inside out. However, we are free from the guilt and shame that results from constantly failing to live up to the standards the Ten Commandments requires, because we now have supernatural help to keep all of them. We can now be led in love and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, the administrator of the new covenant. He gives us the ability and the power to do what is right.

Freedom from the Law 2 message series

Understanding Modern Day Idolatry

There is nothing and no one greater or more important than God. This is a concept we may understand intellectually, but still fail to apply to our lives. An idol is anything or anyone that we give higher priority to than God, and in these end times, everywhere we look we see people who have set up idols for themselves. We must beware of giving anything or anyone else more value than God, because this is the definition of idolatry. God wants to be first in our lives; there is nothing and no one on earth that can sustain and supply us like He can. God gives us life; therefore, it is always dangerous to replace Him and worship something or someone else. We stay safe when we make sure to put Him first.

Understanding Modern Day Idolatry 3 Message Series

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