Grace Based Relationships (Volume 3): The Equality of Marriage


Messages included:

  • Grace-Based Relationships Mutual Submission
  • Grace-Based Relationships Mutual Submission Part 2
  • Overcoming the Regret of Fatherhood Failure
  • How to Never be Hurt Again

God is the one who created the institution of marriage; therefore, it will not succeed without Him as the third party in the relationship. His idea of marriage is not based on male domination, but on equality between the husband and the wife, as well as the same kind of love and nourishment that God has for Jesus and Jesus has for the church. It is God’s will to bless marriages; mutual submission to the Word by both the husband and the wife allows Him to carry out those blessings. Learning and practicing true biblical submission will cause our marriages to thrive and flourish.




Creflo Dollar