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The Grace of Mutual Submission Book
Who’s the Boss? 3 message series
Real Manhood Book

Who’s the Boss

Being the “boss” does not mean lording over others or sitting back, waiting to be served. The scriptural definition of this is a willingness to serve and make sacrifices for others, like Jesus did. Servanthood based on biblical equality is not gender-based, but based on everyone submitting one to another. Discover more about the benefits of living with a servant’s heart in Taffi Dollar’s 3-message series, Who’s the Boss?

The Grace of Mutual Submission

Have you ever wondered how biblical submission was supposed to function in the body of Christ? For so long submission has had a negative connotation due to misuse and is understanding, but in Taffi Dollar’s new book, The Grace of Mutual Submission, Taffi reveals how submission creates an environment for men, women, children, families, and communities to begin to thrive in their God-given assignments. Learn the purpose and power of biblical submission according to the Word of God!

Real Manhood

Being a man of God is not easy in today’s world. There are many distorted ideas and images being presented by contemporary culture, and even by men’s families, that don’t line up with the Word of God. Consequently many men are confused about their true identity and at a loss in knowing how to actually fulfill their intended role. Real Manhood gives men a more compelling vision of masculinity, equips them to be true to their responsibilities, and enables them to be a tremendous asset to their family, their church, and the Kingdom of God.