Victory Over Death


Victory Over Death 5 Message Series

Messages included:

  • Achieving Long Life Over Death
  • How to Connect to Long Life
  • Old Age is Good
  • Covenant Requirements for Long Life
  • Angelic Provision for Covenant Longevity



Jesus has made everything available pertaining to a life of godliness; He has also given us victory over death. Not only is it God’s will for us to live long lives, it is a covenant right when we become born again. We take possession of this right by faith. Our belief in God’s Word is essential; believing Him commits Him to assigning His angels to protect and guide us into the future He wants for us. The length and quality of our lives is up to us. The finished works of Jesus—specifically His death and resurrection—mean that death is not final, and does not need to be feared.


Creflo Dollar